Eliot Jones
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This CD draws together two cover songs from recordings made by Yakka Harris. Both covers seem to capture a unique moment, beyond the music being played, that we felt linked them together.

Body Party (Karaoke Remix)-  Ciara ft. Roger Troutman II

Music by Qaphqa https://soundcloud.com/kahf-kah

Video by @ubiquitousjones


C.T.T. Cosmic Tone Therapy (teaser)

at 6 Somerleyton Road, London, SW9 8ND
17-20th July

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They can never succomb to their own object

They can generate all the possibilities of a program or of a potential object.
But artifice is in no way concerned with what generates, merely with what alters, reality.

Notes on totality. The memory of a delicious thing now made of substitutes
the reification of the rematerialised art object
the deification of the dematerialised art object

In their utterance

In their utterance
I love, I have always loved our city….. I know that our city could be the happiest in the world, I know that it is the happiest, not here on the wavelength where I find myself, but on another frequency, it’s there the city I’ve lived in all my life finally becomes my habitat.
takes us outside of our bodies and place while simultaneously reminding us of our location and what it means to live there.
I define “belief” not as the object of believing (a dogma, a program, etc.) but as the subject’s investment in a proposition, the act of saying it and considering it as true – in other words, a “modality” of the assertion and not its content.